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Our vet hospital has gathered these web sites we thought were usefull to inform and educate our clients.

Ontario Veterinary Medical Association
Pet health and pet related information from the O.V.M.A. for pet owners.

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario.
The C.V.O. regulates vet hospital ‘s and the practice of veterinary medicine in

City of Mississauga Animal Services.
Information on licenses and pet adoption
for Mississauga.

American Veterinary Medical Association. U.S
based veterinary information.

Washington State university Diabetes

Homemade diets. Information to help guide you
in ensuring your homemade diet is well balanced.

Pet travel Govt. of Canada.
Travel information for your pet.

Zoonotic Diseases. What
diseases you can get
from your pet.

Puppy and Kitten.

For information on pet training. See
O.V.M.A. Dog owners handbook,
Veterinary Partner Housetraining Puppies

Kidney Disease
For information on Kidney Disease. See
Cornell University Urinary Tract issues. See

chronic kidney disease Washington State University

Thyroid disease
For information on Thyroid Disease. See

Washington State University Hyperthyroidism

for more information on behavior see

Cornell University House Soiling
. See
Cornell University Destructive behavior See
University Aggression
. A website with information on dog and cat training. Includes several videos and information from books written by Dr. Ian Dunbar.
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