Vet Clinics – Ticks on the rise in Canada

Vet Clinics – Ticks on the Rise in Canada


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Ticks are well known for having a yearly spring peak, when the snow starts to melt and ticks begin seeking hosts. This continues through the summer months as long as temperatures are not too intensely hot or cold. What you may not know, however, is that studies are now showing a second yearly peak in the fall season, in October and November. The timing of this peak depends on temperatures, vegetation, humidity, and habitable land area. Studies in Ontario have shown ticks such as Ixodes scapularis, a vector for Lyme disease, displaying this bimodal seasonal activity.

As well as changing their activity, ticks are also expanding into more northern areas of Canada, such as Manitoba, due to climate change. Conditions are expected to become increasingly favourable for ticks, with Canada expected to have a 212.9% increase in expansion of suitability by 2080.

You can keep your pet safe by removing ticks as soon as they are noticed, using a monthly tick control product such as NexGard to prevent infestations, and ensuring your pet has an annual Lyme vaccine at your local vet clinics office. These simple steps can help keep your pet healthy as tick prevalence increases. For more information see article Vet Clinics 2015 Ticks Nexgard

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