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2016 Rabies map vet clinicRabies Outbreak in Ontario – Vaccinate pets at a vet clinic


The importance of having outdoor pets vaccinated by a veterinarian at your local animal hospital was exemplified by the recent rabies outbreak in Hamilton. New cases of rabies in raccoons have been identified for the first time since 2005. As of December 23, 10 infected raccoons have been found within three weeks. This likely occurred due to transmission from an American raccoon transported into the province at some unknown time. The Ontario government has responded by placing baits that vaccinate any wild animals that ingest them. Wildlife officers will be placing them along trails and greenspaces while helicopters will drop them across Stoney Creek farmlands and into Hamilton’s ravines. An updated map of the controlled zones as well as identified cases can be seen in the map shown.

Rabies has not been identified in foxes since 2010, but there are existing pockets of bat rabies within the province that are being monitored.

In light of this recent outbreak it is important to have any at risk pets vaccinated at your local veterinary hospital to prevent contraction and further transmission of the virus.

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Rachel Costin

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