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Vet Hospital – Preventative care

An Early Diagnosis Could Save Your Pet’s Life   Preventative screening at the vet hospital is an extremely important part of your pet’s veterinary and health care. There are many diseases that are not easily detected through physical examinations only.

Vet Hospital – How to get your cat to the vet Hospital – Mississauga

Many cats see the cat carrier and travelling as a stressful event. Travelling with your cat in a carrier is definitely the safest option. Some people use the cat carrier on a regular basis, for example taking your cat visiting or

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Vet Hospital: Ticks

Nov 2013 Last year the vet hospital at the Hurontario Veterinary Hospital saw an increase in the prevalence of ticks attached to our four-legged friends. The four most common types of ticks that we see in Mississauga are: 1. The

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