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Flea, Tick, Heartworm Disease Prevention                           Along with the warmer weather come some of our spring health concerns. Among those are Heartworm disease, flea and tick contact.                                                                                 Please call 905 271-8508 for an appointment and to pick up your heartworm, flea and tick prevention at the Animal Hospitals. We are happy to discuss which products may be suitable for your four-legged friends based on their individual risk and lifestyle.  

  • Heartworm is a blood parasite that is transmitted by mosquitos.  Dogs and cats are at risk of infection.  Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, heartworm testing may be required to ensure that infection has not occurred.
  • Fleas are common during our warm weather months.  They are prolific breeders and can cause house infestations and transmit tapeworm parasites.
  • Ticks have arrived in larger numbers in Southern Ontario. With this increase comes the concern of tick borne diseases including Lyme disease. We are therefore recommending a more thorough tick prevention program for our patients. Fortunately there is a now a much improved oral tick prevention available. Please call the clinic for further information
  • Please visit our website for additional information on these parasites. www.hurontariovet.ca . Animal Hospitals

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