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Animal Hospital Veterinarians at the Veterinary Hospital in Mississauga

Veterinary Technicians & Receptionist

Hurontario Veterinary Hospital

1424 Hurontario St. Mississauga, Ont. L5G 3H4

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Animal HospitalsDr. Kathryn Hahn graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in
Guelph in 1984 with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She established
the Hurontario Veterinary Hospital in August of 1995. Dr. Hahn is the
proud owner of Lochland, a Golden Retriever and her cat Mr. Winkey. They
are often seen around the animal hospital.Dr. Hahn enjoys working with both dogs and cats. She has a special
fondness for senior pets and has many special memories of her old friends
as they have aged. ” Working with older pets takes a special patience and
understanding but it can be a real joy to see them comfortable and happy.”


Vet ClinicDr. Nacy Swift graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College with honors in the spring of 2003. Prior to that she completed a degree in Biological Science at the University of Guelph in 1998. Arthur is Dr. Swift’s yellow Labrador Retriever who is so lovely yet keeps her family very busy. He is great with her children, Luke and Kate, but annoys their cat Crusty by sneaking upstairs and eating all of his food.
Practicing veterinary medicine has been something Dr. Swift has always wanted to do since she was 8 years old. It is a challenging and rewarding profession of which she is so proud to be a member.


Animal HospitalDr. Donia Eino graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2003 and has enjoyed practicing small animal veterinary medicine throughout th GTA ever since.
Dr. Eino enjoys the many privileges of practicing veterinary medicine affords, including cuddling with new puppies and kittens, learning from the experiences of clients, watching animals mature gracefully and most of all, witnessing the human-animal bond and doing her part in helping pet owners achieve the health and comfort they want for their four-legged family members.
Outside of the clinic, Dr. Eino enjoys horseback riding, running and spending time with her 2 active boys! In the quieter moments, spending time with her 3 rats – Jace, Whiskers, and Flash – or curling up with a good book and her cat Nami is a sweet indulgence.

Vet ClinicsMegan Leciago R.V.T attended the University of Guelph and graduated in 2003 with
her Bachelor of Biological Science. She then received her Veterinary
Technician Diploma from Ridgetown College and has been working with our team
as a Registered Veterinary Technician since May 2006. Megan has 2 cats,
Oliver and Ernie.Megan brings wonderful practical skills, intelligence and a great
patience to her work.



Animal HospitalsJustyna Gorska graduated from Sheridan College in April 2002, and
received her Animal Care Assistant Certificate. She had 10 years of
experience working in the animal field, she then joined our team in Aug.
2002.She is a very big softy with cats
and dogs and takes her roll at the clinic very seriously. She is very
dedicated to helping our patients.