Year: 2016

Animal Hospital News. Pets and Heat Stroke

Animal Hospital information on Protecting Your Pet from Heat Stroke During the summer months it is important to remember that dogs and cats have a limited ability to deal with the heat. These animals are very easily overwhelmed by heat,

Vet Clinics Heartworm information

Heartworm Disease What is Heartworm Disease? Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease that affects dogs and cats in a number of countries. Dogs tend to be primary hosts, however, cats that are travelling to high-risk areas have

Senior Pet Care -Animal Hospitals

Senior Pet Care Preventative care and screening in your pet’s senior years are extremely crucial for maintaining their health. In recent years the veterinary profession have made huge advancements in the knowledge and understanding of the problems facing older pets

Rabies Outbreak – vet clinic

Rabies Outbreak in Ontario – Vaccinate pets at a vet clinic   The importance of having outdoor pets vaccinated by a veterinarian at your local animal hospital was exemplified by the recent rabies outbreak in Hamilton. New cases of rabies

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